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As the use of mobile devices continues to increase, it is becoming increasingly important for websites to be optimized for use on these devices. However, there are still many websites that have not yet been updated to meet the demands of mobile users. This can lead to a frustrating experience for users who are attempting to access these sites on their mobile devices. Additionally, the mobile versions of popular browsers often lack many of the features that are available on the desktop versions of these browsers.

02. January 2022

Lack of Browser Extensions

One of the key limitations of mobile browsers is the lack of available browser extensions. Desktop browsers have a wide range of extensions available, including Adblock, Coupon Finder, and many others. However, only a small fraction of these extensions are available for mobile browsers. This can limit the functionality of mobile browsers and make it difficult for users to access the full range of tools and features that they need.

Missing Developer Tools

Another limitation of mobile browsers is the lack of access to important developer tools. These tools are designed for web developers, but can also be useful for ordinary users. They allow users to test the speed of websites, execute JavaScript commands, and much more. However, these tools are not typically available on mobile browsers.

The Solution: provides a solution to these limitations by offering a fully functional desktop browser that can be used on mobile devices. With our service, users can access all the features of a desktop browser, including browser extensions and developer tools, even when using a mobile device. We have also added a few features specifically for mobile users, including an arrow button that displays the mobile keyboard and a mouse pointer for a different click behavior. Our aim is to provide a seamless experience for all users, regardless of whether they are using a desktop or a mobile device.

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