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Experience the freedom of the internet with our easy-to-use virtual browser. No installation or configuration needed, simply access it from your existing browser. Safely visit blocked or risky websites without fear of viruses or trojans.

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How Does It Work?


You have an unsafe or onion link?

In the vast realm of the internet, one frequently encounters dubious spam or scam links. It is imperative to exercise caution when dealing with such links, as they often pose a significant threat if opened on one's personal device.



Open the link in to run it in a secure environment, far away from your system, and benefit from an additional layer of security.


Enjoy secure Browsing

Done! You can now explore the desired website just as you would normally, always with the peace of mind that you are browsing safely.

Potential use cases

Unrestricted access

Bypassing geo-restrictions to access content that is blocked in certain locations

Online privacy

Anonymous browsing and protecting your online identity

Device testing

Testing website compatibility with different browsers and devices

Unblocking websites

Accessing websites that are blocked on a network or by an organization

Vulnerability testing

Testing website security and identifying vulnerabilities

Incognito research

Conducting online research without leaving a digital footprint

Ad-free browsing

Enabling ad-blocking and browsing without ads.

Traffic masking

Ensure privacy of your internet activities from local network users and your ISP.


Secure Throughout

We ensure that all connections from you to our servers are securely established through the use of a 256-bit encrypted socket connection. This type of connection is nothing more than a VNC connection that is readable by your browser, ensuring that any browsing data remains private and cannot be accessed or intercepted by any third parties.

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E-Mail, former BIAB (Browser in a Box) offers a simple way to use virtual browsers in the already existing one. The basic offer is free of charge and safe to use for everyone.

With a few clicks you can create a virtual environment on our servers. The created browser runs in a sandboxed environment and is completely deleted after use. So you can experiment with insecure websites without fear of viruses or trojans.

The only thing you need is a device with stable internet and an up-to-date browser. For touch devices, additional options are available for the keyboard and mouse through the menu in the virtual browser to ensure proper use on all devices.

The recommended minimum requirements are 10mbit upload and download, ping below 60 and a Chromium based browser with minimum version 80.

Like other services, we use services such as Recaptcha that store the user's behavior to improve the service in terms of security and usability. However, within the virtual browser we will not record the behavior, nor store anything after the container is closed.

If the domain of this service is blocked on your network, there is a possibility to access with additional domains. Currently, we are still working on this feature, but you can contact us at any time to get access to the service.

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