5 Reasons to use Virtual Browser

To learn what exactly a virtual browser is, you’ve came to the correct place. In this Post, we exactly explain what a virtual Browser is and how it works. Simply put, it's a browser that runs on our server and can be viewed remotely in any regular browser. This brings many advantages. Some of them are listed below.

20. December 2021

- Simplicity

With our service, a virtual browser can be launched and used with just one click. This is much less effort than setting one up yourself and additionally benefits from advantages like a different IP. Unlike other services such as VPN, proxy or other virtual browsers, no local installation or configuration is required, and it can run on almost any Internet-enabled device.

- Security

Our virtual browser not only offers protection against viruses and trojans, it also helps to encrypt the whole way from your browser to the target server. It achieves this with an encrypted socket connection from you to our server (many images and commands are transferred as soon as they are generated). From our server the request goes on via HTTPS to the target server. (As far as this server supports SSL). But even in the rare case that it does not, the request is not traceable back to you thanks to the encryption from the beginning.

- Anonymity

As mentioned before, the request itself is no longer traceable to the individual user. Excluded, of course, if you enter your data manually in the browser. But not only that. Thanks to a different IP and a different browser fingerprint, the browser can no longer be identified by advertising services and other trackers. This leads to the fact that you are completely anonymous within your already existing browser.

- Independency

Our service runs on our servers. This means that the browser is not dependent on your internet speed or device. We only recommend a good ping and at least 10mbit up and download. However, within the virtual browser you benefit from up to 1gbit of internet speed.

- Privacy

We believe that you should have control over your data. That's why we think it's wrong to collect data about our users and their browsing habits. This means that as soon as you no longer need the virtual browser, it will be destroyed and completely removed from our servers. However, we would like to point out that entering the data manually can still lead to exact tracking. So make sure that you never enter personal data within the virtual browser.


We have experienced the strengths of a virtual browser. Especially because of its ease of use and setup, it is perfect for either just testing a website or for complex processes. It should be noted, of course, that this browser does not run locally and you are therefore dependent on your Internet connection. Since the display is done via VNC (frame by frame), the ping on the end computer is especially important. This should ideally never be over 50, as otherwise jerks or delays are perceptible. In addition, our tested minimum bandwidth requirements are at least 10 mbit up and download. If this is not met, either the quality suffers or it can also lead to delays.

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